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 o   n   l   i   n   e

p i c t u r e s

dean with a big smile
side view of dean
cary chad and dean again
dean and luther
blurry canadian cast
dean modelling for us
dean staring
at the eaton center:saskia,jai,gavin,jenifer,tamara,dean
dean cutting the cake

dean and cast members blowing out the candles
dean looking a little sad
david,robert,divine,gavin,saskia and dean
dean looking quite strange
damian,melanie,saskia,christine,dean,chad and jai
dean after luther's last show
dean with some other cast members
dean with flowers in his mouth
dean singing (canada day performance)
dean and cary (canada day performance)

profile of dean
dean with maggie and damain
dean with maggie and damian again (opening night)
dean and damian acting crazy (opening night)
dean as mark (curtain call)
another dean as mark (curtain call)
dean and jenifer (rideau center)
dean singing as roger (rideau center)

maggie saskia and dean
dean being a model(?)
dean looking down
dean looking surprised
dean from the side
dean with his cookbook
dean and tricia with the cookbooks
saskia, tricia and dean with the cookbooks
darryl and dean
dean smiling
dean and marcy performing (at target)
dean with b-way cast members (at target)

dean missing new york
dean and matt
just dean
it really is all about dean
dean signing stuff
dean being sorrounded by fans
dean looking tired
side view of dean
dean with a book
dean and trey in costume
cheri and dean in costume
dean having dinner with cast members
dean and kristoffer

the angels with the larsons
curtain call 1 (closing night)
curtain call 2 (closing night)
dean with the cast 1 (aids walk performance)
dean with the cast 2 (aids walk performance)
dean with the cast 3 (aids walk performance)
dean signing autographs
dean smiling big
dean and matt signing cd's

danielle and dean 1
danielle and dean 2
danielle and dean 3
danielle and dean 4
danielle and dean 5
jill and dean 1
jill and dean 2
jill and dean 3
hilary and dean
laura and dean
diana and dean 1
diana and dean 2

rachel and dean
matt, sarah and dean
carla and dean
jules and dean
tracy and dean
stacy and dean
arlene and dean
mary and dean
suzie and dean 1
suzie and dean 2
amber and dean
amber and dean 2
suzie, dean and a fan

a fan and dean
craig and dean
a little girl and dean
richard and dean
mariesa, dean, rachel and matt
jordan (his daughter) and dean
pat, toni and dean
alicia and dean 1
alicia and dean 2
erica and dean
sanna and dean
trey, andrea and dean
andrea and dean

dean and krysten
christmas bells-david, tamara, divine, and dean
original canadian cast
cast in ottawa
another day-marcy and dean (broadway cast)
trey and dean
dean and daphne
you'll see-dean,shaun,trey,and brian
viva la vie boheme!
happy new year-daphne and dean
no day but today

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this section [credits]
please do not use any of these pictures without our permission
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