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When 2 Gather
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It includes pictures, sound clips, lyrics, news and how you can order their cd.

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Dean Recipe*
-2 cups of crazy-ass pictures
-1 teaspoon of tango lessons
-3 cups of amazing acting abilities
-a great collection of Sunday suits
-the best sense of humour
-1 night as a Renthead
-a pinch of that "great guy" qualiy
-1 incredible voice that will make you cry
1. let rise in Saskatchewan, add a wife, and bake in oven for 9 months:)
2. move to Toronto, and add a beautiful little daughter
3. chant "It's all about you Dean, it's all about you!", and vola! Dean!
* tactfully taken from the rent canada cookbook - written and created by the toronto rentheads!

Top 10 Reasons Why We Love Dean
10.Because he always had time to talk to us
9. Because he always manages to have a smile on his face
8. Because he is an amazing Roger, Mark and Gordon
7. Because he is so talented
6. Because seeing him in Rent was : ( always an amazing experience
5. Because he is the most talented person we have ever seen
4. Because he always made us smile
3. Because he is the sweetest guy ever!!
2. Because he is so much fun to be around

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