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The very first time that I (Danielle) saw Dean play Roger was on February 7th. I absolutely feel in love with his interpretation of the character and how he played it. After the show I ran to the back stage door to talk to him. Lucky for me, he came out after only a very short time but there were so maby people who were waiting to talk to him, I really only got a chance to ask him for a picture and than I had to leave. The next time I saw him play Roger was sometime in March. This time, I had spoken to him a bit more over time so I finally got up the courage to really talk to him! I told him how much i enjoed watching him on stage and how I thought his Roger was so good and so different from others. Over time, whenever I went, I talked to him more and more and at the last show in Toronto when I was saying goodbye to him (for the 6th time hehe) he told me that I can never gove up on my dreams and that whatever I wanted to happen I had to believe in it and myself or it would never happen. Dean has been such an amazing influence on me and I will never forget him for as long as I live. Good luck in the future and I thank you for everything!! : )

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