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The very first time that I (Danielle) saw Dean play Roger was on February 7th. I absolutely feel in love with his interpretation of the character and how he played it. After the show I ran to the back stage door to talk to him. Lucky for me, he came out after only a very short time but there were so maby people who were waiting to talk to him, I really only got a chance to ask him for a picture and than I had to leave. The next time I saw him play Roger was sometime in March. This time, I had spoken to him a bit more over time so I finally got up the courage to really talk to him! I told him how much i enjoed watching him on stage and how I thought his Roger was so good and so different from others. Over time, whenever I went, I talked to him more and more and at the last show in Toronto when I was saying goodbye to him (for the 6th time hehe) he told me that I can never gove up on my dreams and that whatever I wanted to happen I had to believe in it and myself or it would never happen. Dean has been such an amazing influence on me and I will never forget him for as long as I live. Good luck in the future and I thank you for everything!! : )

what can i say about dean? he's incredible. not only is he an amazingly talented performer, he's also funny as hell and a genuinely nice guy - always sweet to his fans. he gives as much as he gets and i think thats one of the reasons why he has so many fans!

"Dean is the coolest, nicest, funniest man! When I was in line for the last TO show, which was the first time I met him, me and my friend Jenn made total fools of ourselves. We had some rather inaccurate information from our compulsive liar friend, who told us that he was a doctor, and used to work with her father. When we asked his about it (Mistake #1!) he was so nice! He told us he wasn't, but it was still not as embarassing as it could have been, if it was some of the other cast members who scare me to death :0)! So the moral of the story is: Dean's a very nice man! And at least he'll probably remember us as those crazy girls who thought he was a doctor....which is better than nothing at all! :0)"

" Him and LUTHER, I miss so much. THey used to do all this crazy stuff in the dark during scene changes. In La Vie Bohome, Damian used to tell him what to make Mr grey, like, the best one was when he was a duck. He also he a nervous twich in his neck one night, one time he limp leg and the nervous twich. I think one time he just spaced out. One time I put Q-Tips in my nose and Dean saw them and he lost it. Or I'd make really wacky faces and Dean would just start laughing. How about when Dean run's across the stage and yells, "I'm a Butterfly, I'm a Butterfly" and while he is doing this his flapping his arms like a butterfly"
-Army Girl (Vanessa)

"Dean rocks. when u see him on stage, you just light up because u know he's having such fun. he conveys this great energy and you just can't help but look at him and smile. he's just one of those performers that you have to love because up on stage you can tell that he gives his all and it means so much to him. it would be a discredit to him if you didn't smile at him when he was up there and say he was great. i've really enjoyed watching dean perform. he's one of the nicest, most energetic performers i know : )"

My name is Samantha.. I have seen RENT 67 times and Dean about 4. 2 times as Roger and 2 times as Steve.. i would just like to say that he is not only amazing but he is the SWEETEST guy!!! He takes soooo much time out for the fans and he remembers everyone he talks to.. He is sooooo nice!!

The first time I ever saw Dean was my second show and my B-day. He was on as Roger that day and he really impressed me, after the show my friend got him to sing happy birthday to me *yay* after that day I understood why it was "all about Dean!" Since then I've seen him on as Mr Grey, Mark and of course Roger. Everyone of his performances are phenominal. He puts so much energy and emotion into every performance. I've even had the pleasure of having him (along with Jenifer Aubry) stay overnight as honorary RENTheads for a night! Ummm he's an amazing person and performer-IT'S ALL ABOUT DEAN!!!!!!!!!

Okay, the first time I ever saw Dean was when he was on as Roger and although I thought he had a beautiful voice it didn't really seem like he clicked with the rest of the cast. It was only his second time on though so I would really love to see him again now that he's been in New York longer. The next time I saw Dean was when he was on as squeegieman and let me just say the boy rocked. He is absolutely my favorite squeegie man and his waitor is hysterical! I love the Brooklyn accent.Outside of the theater Dean is definatly one of the nicest cast members. The first time I ever me him we were talking for like 15/20 minutes. Usually I don't have anything to say to a cast member the first time I met them besides "hi. Would you please sign my book?" Each time I've spoken to Dean, he's been sweet and funny and even when he wants to get home to that adorable baby of his, he always has time for fans.

Dean rocks hardcore, I saw him as the Waiter/Squeegieman etc on Norberts Last show and it was ALL about him :) He had a beautiful Will I? solo and the absolute funniest waiter...ever! During LVB he was doing the robot in the corner and just being awesome, its hard to measure how much Dean rocks, but believe you me, he rocks :) After the show, he was so sweet, and so funny, I talked to him for a minute and usually all the actors are so sweet but they leave after theyve signed the autograph or what have you, but not Dean! hed walk away then come back and start talking to us more, hes so friendly and so funny! ANYWAY, It's ALL about Dean and that is all :)

Dean Balkwill is one of the most talented performers around. He has such incredable stage presence and his performimg abilities shine through in every part he plays. Seeing him play Roger I was amazed at his portrayal of the character. It was believable and helped add greatly to the show. Seeing him play Mark was hilarious as well as outstanding. He had the audience sypathizing with the character while also enjoying themsleves. Seeing him on stage every day as Gordon and others is also great. His stage presence adds emensly to the show and his talent is outstanding. It is definelty ALL ABOUT DEAN!!!

dean's a really terriffic guy who cares a lot about his fans. his squeegee man is great, don't know where he picked up a brooklyn accent but it cracks me up. he's an amazing bundle of energy and an amazingly funny man. he deserves the best of luck in whatever he tries.

What could I possibly say about Dean! He is definately one of the most talented actors I have ever seen. He has such amazing stage presence and puts so much emotion and energy into whatever character he is playing. He is always an important part of te Rent experience. Dean is also the sweetest most caring and genuine person and is so amazing to talk to. Canada and Broadway was extremely lucky to have him and now the Angel Tour is very lucky too. He always takes so much time for his fans no matter what. He is truly missed in Canada but we wish him all the best always! It will always be ALL ABOUT DEAN!!:)

Dean, Dean, what cna i say?
you make us laugh everyday,
from canada, to broadway, to LA too,
is there anything you can't do?
with jordyn and lisa at your side,
we know there is nothing for you to hide.
you are now opposite DAPHNE RUBIN VEGA,
boy, holy shit! thta is mega!
dean you made us laugh while you were on stage,
i could keep going for another page!!
congrats on angel cast, we know you will shine,
because we are cheering you on, down the line!

Dean is soooo sweet! Saw his last show, and his only time as MARK, on B'way a couple weeks ago. He gives the ABSOLUTE best hugs, but I've never gotten one. =( I saw a picture that my friend Dyann has, and now my quest for LA is to get a "Dean Hug" =) I can say that he is completely sweet and very genuine, and I wish him the best in everything

I had the opportunity to watch Dean play Mark, Roger, Gordon, and Squeegeeman during the run in Vancouver and I must tell you that it was an incredible experience! His portrayals are different and unique and they were a refreshing change from Chad and Cary's portrayals! I was laughing throughout the show when Dean played Mark because he adds many little quirks and reactions. His "Tango Maureen" blew me away and it still makes me laugh when I think about it today! I did meet him a few times as well and he is a really funny guy! He was enthusiastic when meeting fans and even complemented me when I sang at Virgin Records for a chance to win tickets for the show! Dean's "Roger" made me cry because he uses so much feeling and emotion when he sings! He truly made the character that much more powerful! His interpretation just made the show! I'm sure that he loves playing Mark and Roger but even when he plays Gordon and Squeegeeman he still puts forth lots of energy and compassion into his character! I hope that he stays with "Rent" for a long time. He is a true asset to the cast! Dean will always be in a very special place in my heart! Thank you Dean for the joy and inspiration that you gave me which will last a lifetime!

First of all...Dean is the MAN!! I loved his Roger! He is amazing! Luckily I got to see him just yesterday in L.A. with Daphne Rubin-Vega...and he blew me away. I am now a full-fledged DeanFan. He is also like the sweetest man on the earth!! I love him!! Okay, that's about it! Dean just simply rocks!

I think Dean played Roger VERY well. He has so much emotion. I've never seen any Roger cry like he does. Dean is a very talented and sweet person. I'm glad I saw him and I wish him much luck and success for the future.

He's the best I've seen. I never thought I'd find an actor playing Roger that lived up to what I expected. It was like anyone playing him could either sing the rock songs or the ballads, but not both. Dean was the first one to reall
-A.R. Shaw

Well, what can I say?!? Dean is the greatest Roger I have ever seen! Believe me, "One Song Glory" was so emotional and it was the best I have ever heard! Also, "Your Eyes," a song not normally liked by many, especially me, was fantastic with Dean and it is now one of my faves! My friend, the girl who signed your guestbook as Mimi, went with me and she is so in love with him and she was right, he really is nice! I met him as well in LA and he was very nice and I saw his daughter! She was so cute! Dean, if you read this! GREAT JOB! Oh, and I love Daphne! HEHEHE!

Mark- 1/3/99 (his last showing on b'way)- absolutely hysterical!!!!!! sooo great, so funny, so into the role, one of the best I've seen, LOVEDit!!!!!!!
Roger- 11/29/98 on B'way, 2/13/99 in LA, 2/14/99 in LA- very emotional, but too loud and into the role...he was much better in LA than in NYC, but he's kind of scary.
Gordon- 12/5/99 - sooooo funny!!!!! his Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and Santy Claus is coming are so funny.... he cracks me up!!!!
Squeegieman- 12/6/99 mat, 12/6/99 eve - really really funny... his waiter ROCKED... his Will I? solo was really good. Wow I've seen Dean in a lot of roles I just realized!! He's such a great guy and soo funny too!!! :-)

Dean does a totally AWESOME job as Roger... gotta luv him! He looks so awesome from row A of the Shubert in Los Angeles

I thought dean was one of the best Roger's I have seen. Isaw him a few days ago in SF. He is one of the sweetest guys also.

Dean is one of the most energentic and entertaining performersi have seen out of the Rent cast. He has an amazing talent that always shines through every performance. The thing that I will never forget about him is the way he is with the audience. The first time I met him, Dean was very approchable and friendly. He gives the best hugs! and he has an awesome sense of humour. The perfect way to describe him: IT'S ALL ABOUT DEAN!!!"

After recently seeing RENT for the first time, I must say I was amazed. I truly didn't expect it to be so inspiring. All actors seemed well cast in their parts, but Dean Balkwill was what made the show. His portrayal of Roger was so believing, I had a hard time remembering it was an act. I thought of it as eavesdropping on an actual person's life. Not only did he bring the part to life, it seemed as if he added his own personal touches to it. His contagious smile was seen at appropriate times, making the audience aware of the great time he must have been having. His soulful voice moved me to tears when he performed "One song, Glory." It is evident that he is a talented actor, capable of expressing all emotions necessary for his character. I hope to see it again, now that it is one of my favorite musicals. Plus, I can't wait to get another chance to see Dean's gorgeous eyes.

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