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 o   n   l   i   n   e

a r t i c l e s

Rent gets its due in Ottawa - Ottawa Citizen-5/8/98

Christian actors at home.... - BC Christian News-10/98

Los Angeles
New Rent turns on the electricity - LA Times-1/24/99
Paying the rent is well worth the wait - USC Daily Trojan-1/27/99

San Fransisco
Rent has arrived... - The San Fransico Chronicle-3/11/99
Behind the Scenes - First Cut-5/7/99
Ideals for Rent - SFBG-date unknown
Viva La Vie Boheme - SF Weekly-date unknown
Rent Finally Makes it to San Fran
Editorial Profile: RENT - City Search
Paying the Rent has Never Been More Fun

Saskatchewan Express

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